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Thorvald Production Music Playlist

Playlist by 
Thorvald Records, Inc.
 - 2023

Thorvald Production Music is a Los Angeles based library and production house specializing in high quality, authentic recordings across multiple rock...
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21 Tracks 
(Duration: 39 minutes 46 seconds)
A high-octane punk scorcher guaranteed to have you moshing in a hail of spit! An energetic, up-tempo punk polka or verified skate punk anthem…? You decide.
Driving, energetic riff rock with a scorching old school solo delivered HOT to your doorstep via a super exciting live performance. Anthemic blues rock and roll at it’s finest!
The 313 kick some serious ass in this unapologetic high voltage classic Motor City jam. Featuring scorching guitar solos and a savage live drum performance that will leave you sweaty and exhausted! Huge attitude and huge guitars compete to seal the deal on this 70’s throwback rock and roll banger.
Super fast skate punk’n performance, perfect for moshing! Dueling, abrasive punk guitars compete for skank-factor in this blistering kick ass live performance.
A rough, gritty electric guitar-driven mid-tempo, four on the floor musical number complete with throbbing bass, big ‘ol beats and sweet melodic leads… the perfect soundtrack for your next road trip!
An insane heavier than heavy, death metal power-fest that kills on contact! Enter a blistering whirlwind of guitar fury, as “Black Death” takes you through several stages of battle, featuring an absolute powerhouse drum performance that will leave you feeling slightly disoriented... and perhaps a little stunned!
A big hollow body electric guitar lead, live drums and bass give this alt country punk themed track a timeless quality. Featuring loose, driving guitars and indie pop/garage influences.
Ace ain’t the only one who’s high on this fuzzy, spaced out 60’s deep cut, featuring sloppy vintage sounding guitars, driving drums and a droney hypnotic bass. A slight spy vibe can be detected in the form of a breakout single string guitar… 007 in da house!
A very legit, laid back early 60’s throwback cowboy vibe with mellow acoustics, percussion and a smoking lead performance. This one will leave you wondering if you haven’t in fact slipped into some sort of time portal to the 1960s. A mystical spaghetti-western vibe is enhanced by a low, twangy single string riff evoking Ennio Morricone…
A classic 60’s “wall of sound” pop track straight outta the Gold Star Studios era! Poppy piano lines, acoustic guitars, picked Fender bass, tambourines, hand claps and tubular bells complete the picture… in the most whimsical way possible!
A nice, light uptempo pop ensemble performance featuring super jangly vintage electric guitars and a lo-fi organ track that pushes the boundaries of democratic soloing etiquette. A super garage-y 60’s throwback featuring a nice dusting of assorted percussion and tons of surfy good vibes!
A super tight, driving, uptempo live performance that features trippy backwards guitars, riffy rhythms, iconic leads and jangley rhythm electrics courtesy of the Rickenbacker 330! Take a dive into that magical era of Manchester when it was all just beginning…
A ballsy, dynamic shredded guitar intro, paired with a sloppy, slamming drum take, along with a super loose bass performance all conspire to create one classic sounding “indie” train wreck! These musicians may not win a grammy, but they sure sound like someone may have hit them on the head with one! A kickass, beautiful inebriated disaster…
“Biker Pool Party” really lives up to its name in the sense that, if you were a bunch of bikers and you needed a soundtrack to your ‘pool party’ you might just commission this thuddy, greasy, hard rock ditty complete with weird horror movie soundtrack keyboard riffs and a healthy helping of “Attitude” for use in your compound...
A nice an' dirty pornobilly dirge that lays it all down nice and easy for ya! A super sexy, throbbing stand up bass leads the way with a tasty array of rockabilly electric guitars fully engaged in sliding, soloing and wailing with vintage tones to ‘write home’ about. Drummer Greasy Pete brings it all the sleaziest of ways.
A spicy Mexican themed little number that cooks along at slightly faster than usual speed… but that’s all to be expected in “Amphetamine Country.” Featuring dueling acoustic guitars, a speedy, snappy little beat and a stand up bass to tie it all together. Things just move a little faster in these parts- don’t ask why. Some say it’s the water…
A British style punk explosion featuring a super intense live performance that kicks like a mule! Razor blade guitars and a barrage of attitude transport the listener directly inside that sweaty mosh pit… slam dance with confidence!
A heavy rocker with time changes to spare! (yes they did that back then) Powerful drumming, super fuzz bass and a blistering wall of sludge-y guitars makes “Razor Wire” appropriate for any 90’s dive bar, after hours warehouse party, or eventual major label mega tour. A qualified head banger!
A super classic surf number with all the trimmings… mystical verb’d out hollow body guitars, groovy throbbing bass and a drum track with impeccable pocket. “Fear And Loafing” evokes the endless longing of the mythical “endless summer.”
An incredible melancholy upright piano leads into a breathtaking ambient creative space, which builds slowly in response to interplay amongst a synth cello, synth bass and layered pads. A sonic gift to the troubled mind and a pleasure to take in, "Project Untitled" features a huge synthetic choir pad that takes us out with grave dignity and substantial gravitas.
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