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So Cal Punk

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Label:  - Ref. THOR-00003 - 2023

A SoCal skate-punk rock love letter to all the greats of the genre from vintage to current, this album whips out a nice rounded collection of tracks...
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17 Tracks 
(Duration: 29 minutes 53 seconds)
This powerful mid-tempo skate-punk/pop track blasts off right outta the gate! Garage-y and grunge-y overtones combine… in a good way. Featuring a kick ass live drum performance and exciting, driving guitars.
A breezy Cali alt-punk track with country influences and a big surfy lead, driving beat and a cow-punk bass-line…
A big hollow body electric guitar lead, live drums and bass give this alt country punk themed track a timeless quality. Featuring loose, driving guitars and indie pop/garage influences.
Cali power pop the way we like it, with big guitars and a surfy single string lead. Featuring a spirited, gritty live band performance and a cool atmospheric break.
A fresh, breezy Cali-style power pop / garage-y track with big messy guitars. This spirited, mid-tempo laidback band performance brings multiple elements together.
A Cali-punk style mid-tempo rocker ideal for road trips! Featuring those wide open spaces and big guitars… the sound of Freedom!
Loose and messy, this mid 80’s style breezy garage rock track contrasts loose jangley guitars with distorted leads. A slightly messy, mid-tempo live band performance features tight Fender bass, dynamic drums and driving electric guitars!
It doesn’t get greasier, messier or garage-ier than this! Don’t bother even trying to tune those Mosrite guitars or keep those drums in time! Featuring a live band performance with irresponsible amounts of unintentional feedback.
Super scorching So-Cal style skate punk performance with melodic, distorted high octave guitar leads! Huge guitars and a super intense drum/bass/guitar performance make this powerful riff rock anthem a serious contender!
Cali style post-punk with a driving grunge-y / garage-y feel. Featuring super loose drums and even looser guitars… for your pleasure!
Indie-style Cali post punk performed and recorded live off the floor with mid-tempo early indie guitars and a distinctly “no fucks” attitude.
Super basic, gangly So-Cal garage / grunge pop, loose as hell! Featuring a “Hey-ho” chant vocal at certain points in the song seemingly placed there just to annoy you!
A hard driving, energetic garage-y So Cal style ditty featuring lo-fi distorted guitars, a super groovy bass riff and a killer rhythmic backbeat so good it cannot be legally described here.
Driving, energetic, super lo-fi live band performance of a spirited garage / power pop song. A live band playing their little hearts out combined with a decidedly lo-fi recording creates a beautiful indie rock mess…
Featuring driving bass, exciting drums and vintage sounding electric guitars and amps - if you’re looking for laidback, loose Cali-country style performance with all three chords and a big hollow body electric guitar look no further!
This speedy So-Cal skate punk track has a serious driving energy and obvious power pop / indie rock leanings. A super driving drum track, aggressive bass and wall of sound guitars take this exciting live band performance to the next level!
An alt country / So-Cal-esque acoustic guitar driven track that kicks in to some big hollow body electrics right off the drop. Performed by a live band that likes to jangle! Featuring a big octave-y lead and an energetic drum and bass track that satisfies.
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