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Label:  - Ref. THOR-00002 - 2023
Punk Rock
Drum Kit
Electric Bass Guitar
Electric Guitar

A super-lit, off the chain punk-fest like no other! Blistering fast riffs and grimey guitars, bashing drums and driving basses put you right in the...
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13 Tracks 
(Duration: 21 minutes 33 seconds)
A high-octane punk scorcher guaranteed to have you moshing in a hail of spit! An energetic, up-tempo punk polka or verified skate punk anthem…? You decide.
Get ready for some punkin’, thrashin’ and pogo-in’ with this punchy uptempo mosh-tasterpiece! A one and a half minute hardcore skank-fest guaranteed to take you over the edge.
A super-fast shredder to knock heads with skaters, punkers, skinheads and hardcore moshers alike. An authentic live punk performance keeps things keyed up to the next level of shred!
A messy garage-y dirge, calculated to sludge things up nicely. Featuring gritty out of tune guitars and heaps of attitude… you’ll have to clean up the mess when this live performance is over!
Super fast skate punk’n performance, perfect for moshing! Dueling, abrasive punk guitars compete for skank-factor in this blistering kick ass live performance.
Power pop meets power punk in this energetic guitar stacked performance. A blistering, no nonsense, dirt simple guitar attack allows no room for soloing… leaving just the MEAT.
Power pop meets alt rock with a dash of punkiness in this charged up throwback suitable for cranked up beach parties! This surf inspired live performance will get even the most wasted beach bum off his ass!
A British style punk explosion featuring a super intense live performance that kicks like a mule! Razor blade guitars and a barrage of attitude transport the listener directly inside that sweaty mosh pit… slam dance with confidence!
Guaranteed to deliver on its promise to literally melt your face! Brash, gritty, thrashing punk rock guitars shower you with bad attitude and even slip in the odd solo! Like multiple songs in one, this track is an editor's dream, featuring many transitions to chop in and out of. Slice and dice with confidence!
Exploding out of the gate with a barrage of power pop/punk electric guitars, BCOP delivers heaps of attitude and is guaranteed to facilitate mayhem wherever and whenever it is played! A blistering white hot electric guitar attack with driving bass, kick ass drumming and super tight bouncy chords literally smashing you in the face! Be warned!
An explosive aural standoff seemingly between punks, skinheads and a Mariachi band (but bigger and with more guitars)! An energetic driving mid-tempo soundtrack to your showdown!
A high-octane face ripper with big guitars and plenty of attitude combined with a powerful 350L rock and roll engine! A kIller live performance and hard hitting bass and drum track get it done… and then some!
A super-punky toms-forward little number featuring a nice dose of sleaze for good measure! Featuring an impossibly tight live band performance and a particularly aggressive bass and drum track give 'Face Puncher' serious face pounding appeal!
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