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Road Trip

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Label:  - Ref. THOR-00013 - 2023
Road Movie

The “Road Trip” collection promises to provide you with everything you might need to hit that dusty trail, providing the soundtrack to your journey...
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8 Tracks 
(Duration: 18 minutes 10 seconds)
A mysterious wind kicks up on a dusty trail as dusk falls on a little pueblo somewhere down Mexico way. A mellow band of musical gypsies takes you there, providing your soundtrack with lazy acoustic guitars, a swelling electric bass and a very laid back drum performance. Are they smoking something? You decide. Sit back and relax to the soothing sounds of your destiny...
A super loose and groovy rock n roll jam that’s laid back enough to deliver a deep pocket and then some! Featuring a killer lead guitar improv, super loose groovy bass and a straight up drum performance that leaves things decidedly on the back half, "Waiting For the Swell" is chock-full of good vibes, good times and a decidedly subtle surfy undertow…
A very legit, laid back early 60’s throwback cowboy vibe with mellow acoustics, percussion and a smoking lead performance. This one will leave you wondering if you haven’t in fact slipped into some sort of time portal to the 1960s. A mystical spaghetti-western vibe is enhanced by a low, twangy single string riff evoking Ennio Morricone…
A super deep killer drum performance lays the groundwork for this amazing and mystical alt-country-esque number guaranteed to have you booking that road trip down south. Featuring an equally killer throbbing detuned bass guitar, lonesome harmonica, swampy slide and tandem acoustic rhythm guitars that play counterpoint to each other. A seriously mystical western vibe you won’t soon forget…
A dreamy, clean electric guitar opens this shimmery ‘road movie’ style track that picks up part way through with an energetic drum and bass performance, far away harmonica and chiming arpeggiated vintage sounding electric axes. A slightly more upbeat, alt-country live ensemble performance helps you hit the open road in style…
A super vibey, droney atmospheric cowboy cum spy movie soundtrack that will have you slipping into a hypnotic trance. Featuring wide open sounding live drums, melting vintage hollow body guitar performances, swelling electric bass and super reverb’d out single string leads a la “spaghetti western” fare. Accentuated by atmospheric tambourines and percussion, echo chambers and pleasant droney feedback throughout, it's a serious dose of aural heroin!
Ease into this laid back cowboy country ride down a lonesome trail, featuring dreamy cowboy-style electric guitars, sweeping acoustics, country bass-lines and an easy two step drum pocket. “Dolls W X Eyes” is a nice and easy cinematic ride into the sunset…
An easy-going road trip soundtrack, featuring a beautiful clean country lead, shimmering acoustics, a down-tempo bass and drum performance and a tasteful piano complimenting the easy going, shuffle-y vibe that’s being laid down by this live ensemble of cowboys. The perfect track for folks who've got nowhere in particular to go - and aren’t in much of a hurry to get there either.
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