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California Sun

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Label:  - Ref. THOR-00008 - 2023
Electric Guitar

This garagey 60’s era collection features poppy bubblegum melodies, plinky pianos, groovy organs, jangley, vintage electric guitars, lo-fi basses,...
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10 Tracks 
(Duration: 20 minutes 25 seconds)
An upbeat, poppy straight ahead drum performance leads off this mid-tempo 60’s style track with a sunny, uplifting, surfy vibe. Complete with groovy B-3 organs, vintage sounding guitars, plinking piano and a driving bass, “Contender” … is a contender!
A classic 60’s “wall of sound” pop track straight outta the Gold Star Studios era! Poppy piano lines, acoustic guitars, picked Fender bass, tambourines, hand claps and tubular bells complete the picture… in the most whimsical way possible!
A sunny piano and acoustic driven droney musical ditty complete with droney organs, droney feedback and even dronier drums! A plodding psychedelic trip into the cool NYC loft scene of the 60’s…
A squeaky clean upbeat pop fest featuring a needly organ, reverb chambers and “doot doot doot" BG vocals! If you disembarked from a time machine there would be no question as to what era you were in�� (hint, its the 60’s idiot!)
A light mandolin driven, folky little tune with an acoustic guitar, live stompy beat, irrational feedback and a little light percussion for your weary ears! Sit back, steep that tea and enjoy…
A bashy, drums forward jangle contest featuring surfy vintage guitars, driving bass, scorching electric leads and a rip curl in every stroke! A super peppy groove takes this “PG 13” vibe to a “For Mature audiences only” vibe real quick!
At Thorvald Music we take our claims very seriously, so when we title a song “Feedback and Fuzz” you can darn well expect feedback… and fuzz! Rounding out this sunny, droney surfy tune is a strummy acoustic, four on the floor drums and a melodic lo-fi hollow body on the verge of.. you guessed it, feedback!
You can almost smell the salty ocean breezing by in this mellow, laid back live band performance. Featuring clean jangly guitars, throbbing bass and subtle drum and percussion, "Tea and Scum Pets" evokes a dreamy afternoon spent on a beach towel... sipping Cuervo.
Super lo-fi guitars and bass drive this 60’s style upbeat poppy little ditty! Rounding out the fun is a straight ahead, driving drum beat and an era specific BG vocal that will tantalize… and amaze!
A happy little rock and roll jam with all the trimmings! Super messy garage guitars, picked Fender Mustang bass, loose rock and roll piano and a polite little drum performance all conspire to deliver the cutest little rock and roll performance you ever heard! Y'all c'mon back now ya hear!?
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