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Detroit Calling

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Label:  - Ref. THOR-00005 - 2023
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The 313 kick out the jams like savage maniacs on a mission to lay down the dirtiest, grittiest analog guitars and scorching solos you’ve ever heard!...
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14 Tracks 
(Duration: 23 minutes 40 seconds)
The 313 kick some serious ass in this unapologetic high voltage classic Motor City jam. Featuring scorching guitar solos and a savage live drum performance that will leave you sweaty and exhausted! Huge attitude and huge guitars compete to seal the deal on this 70’s throwback rock and roll banger.
Take a deep dive into the murky waters of the Motor City in the early 1970’s with this sludgey spaced out dirge! Slightly psychedelic guitars find their counterpoint in a heavy jammy bass riff and a super-high intensity drum performance bent on domination...
This sidewinding blues jam with have you calling your drug dealer for more ‘Ludes! Super high intensity, riff-tastic electric guitars lead the charge in this seriously grooving maximum R&B showpiece.
A super high-octane guitar driven 70’s blues rocker on a mission to dominate! Featuring an energetic, sinister groove and an intense live performance that does not disappoint!
Huge guitars and a sick ass groove conspire to create a pocket as deep as the Mariana Trench! Gritty, creamy analog guitars and overdriven amps capture this incredible live performance that kicks like a mule!
A totally intense, up-tempo blues rock super jam that will satisfy even the most savage critics! Killer grooves, dynamic drum performances, with driving bass and guitars ensure a super wild ride…
Treat yourself to a little unapologetic riff-tastic live action straight outta the 313! Fixin’ to dominate your earholes, this blusey, riffy live performance with creamy 70’s style electric guitars is bent on kicking your ass in a Detroit back alley! A relentless blues rock / proto-punk groove is the next best thing to being there…
You might need to be committed after taking in the simmering intensity of this Motor City banger! Chock-full of greasy, gritty guitars, throbbing riffs, groovy baselines and insanely groovy live drumming, “Psychic Weasel” is a clear winner on the proto-punk landscape!
A freewheeling straight ahead rocker with a tastily meandering bass, juicy no-nonsense guitar riffs, groovy drumming and a tambourine played with wild abandon. Guaranteed to satisfy!
Take a trip to dirge town, population: YOU! A wild, hypnotic ride into reckless abandon featuring the tasty, gritty blues-heavy guitars of early 1970’s Detroit. Super fat riffy baselines and creamy analog guitar tones create a kicking groove that is undeniable…
Indulge in this filthy, super-riffy Motor City blues rock jam with a reckless edge! The 313 encourage mayhem and debauchery in all its forms! With plenty of rock attitude and fat pounding bass and drums to go around, this cut might just be the thing you need to help you “Come Along.”
Catch this slinky blues rock groove and punch the air like a maniac! Riffy guitars and a super fat analog bass and drums take you on an unexpected journey to the terminus of grit and grease.
This dirty mid-tempo rocker offers grooves aplenty, while remaining forward driving and intense! A subtle slow burn in the classic Motor City style…
A classic Motor City jam featuring an enthusiastic shaker and tambourine that kicks into a killer groove and transports you to an early 70’s dive bar - where the sights, sounds... and SMELLS of Detroit take center stage!
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