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Label:  - Ref. THOR-00011 - 2023
Drum Kit
Electric Bass Guitar
Electric Guitar

This energetic collection delivers the finest in Brit-pop! From buzzsaw electric guitars to vintage basses, "UK" covers many eras- from the 60’s to...
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10 Tracks 
(Duration: 17 minutes 25 seconds)
A no-nonsense, groovy electric guitar brings the sound of London’s swinging 60’s to life! Featuring a killer live band performance with driving bass, buzzing RIckenbackers, swishy compressed ride cymbals and a big ol’ backbeat designed to get you on that dance floor... Next round’s on you, mate!
The 60’s never sounded so groovy baby! Featuring an intro that pairs clean rhythm guitars and an expressive lo-fi electric bass, the ”Mersey Shuffle” explodes into a super sexy backbeat, tight riffy rhythm guitars, handclaps and whimsical harmonica. Suddenly you’re at the Cavern Club in Liverpool!
A buzzy retro sounding bass riff kicks off this super driving, uptempo power pop banger! Featuring lo-fi grungey guitars, super-tight vibey drums and a knock out a live band performance that will have you pining for the good old days of London’s post punk era... circa 1979!
A super tight, driving, uptempo live performance that features trippy backwards guitars, riffy rhythms, iconic leads and jangley rhythm electrics courtesy of the Rickenbacker 330! Take a dive into that magical era of Manchester when it was all just beginning…
This driving 90’s throwback features a rhythmic hypnotic lead guitar, aggressive overdriven rhythm guitars and a driving bass-line all centered around a huge drum beat that will have you wondering if you’ve somehow stumbled onto an English rave by chance... “Who’s got the Ecstasy?”
An aggressive, tom-heavy drum intro kicks this peppy little three piece live performance into gear! This spunky little mid-tempo number features an aggressive, super clangy electric guitar, dynamic pulsing P bass and a hard hitting drum track that will pull you into that early 80’s post punk realm… with a bang!
An energetic power pop throwback with punk overtones, featuring a twangy electric guitar intro, buzzy wall of fuzz guitars, a dynamic picked bass line and a super energetic drum performance that’s set to lift the roof on that illegal warehouse party! Added feature: BG vocals that go “Hey, ho, and woah” every so often…
A melodic guitar intro kicks things into gear with a super energetic live drum track on this killer live ensemble performance reminiscent of some of the early English pioneers of the late 70’s mod revival scenes. Featuring a dynamic bass-line, way up front electric rhythm guitars and a spirited drum performance “Cerulean” has it all!
An aggressive mid-tempo power pop dirge with an aggressive rhythm and lead guitar attack! Featuring shades of the early 60’s “Maximum R&B” acts, but with the majority of the track firmly planted in the contemporary pop world. Groovy baselines, super overdriven guitars and hard hitting drums bring this ensemble performance to the apex of ferocious intensity!
A killer drum beat kicks off this riffy, three piece lo-fi throwback number with vintage sounding rhythm guitars, clean 'verby amps, solid groovy drums and a super tight bass-line. A dynamic garage-y feel combined with liberal use of reverb chambers and tape echoes, makes “Watch More TV” a timeless toe tapper!
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