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Lords Of Leather

Label:  - Ref. THOR-00015 - 2023
Drum Kit
Electric Bass Guitar
Electric Guitar
Rock Band

Super big, meaty, and chunky, Lords Of Leather’s debut self-titled collection is not for the faint of heart! A heavy rock trip into madness with huge...
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11 Tracks 
(Duration: 25 minutes 5 seconds)
Instrumental Version
Super huge, high octane guitars kick off this killer greasy mid-tempo hard rock jam! “Super Spreader” features a big throbbing bass, mercilessly pounding drum tracks, a super hooky, creamy electric lead and breaks that include a ticking time bomb effect!
Instrumental Version
Super over-cranked guitar tones, seriously thuddy drums and a spacey, trippy lead electric guitar slide take this heavy rock offering to another level altogether! Heavy, heavy rock vibes, a giant live drum sound and some seriously deep bass-lines deliver the basic essentials… no bullsh*t allowed!
Heavy electric guitars don’t get grittier than this! Sounding like an unholy cross between axle grease and gravel, “Anti-social Distancing” takes no prisoners and makes no apologies! With a super weighty thudding drum performance paired with a seriously swollen bass-line, we have the makings of a truly sludge-y banger ready for all your demonic applications!
A super heavy groove that foretells doom, and the perfect soundtrack to your next Viking raid! Teach your enemies a lesson with this litany of chugging, super distorted electric guitars, throbbing bass and beefy super slamming drum sounds and performances! Be afraid… be VERY very afraid!
An insane heavier than heavy, death metal power-fest that kills on contact! Enter a blistering whirlwind of guitar fury, as “Black Death” takes you through several stages of battle, featuring an absolute powerhouse drum performance that will leave you feeling slightly disoriented... and perhaps a little stunned!
“Biker Pool Party” really lives up to its name in the sense that, if you were a bunch of bikers and you needed a soundtrack to your ‘pool party’ you might just commission this thuddy, greasy, hard rock ditty complete with weird horror movie soundtrack keyboard riffs and a healthy helping of “Attitude” for use in your compound...
A heavy, slamming drum track leads the way on this greasy, mid-tempo hard rock offering. Featuring gritty distorted guitars, throbbing basses and over-distorted leads, “Pole Position” is set to become the soundtrack for your next extreme sports spot! Or something like that.
A mid-tempo, heavy rock journey to sludge town! Featuring a heavy, droopy sounding extra thuddy drum track, dynamic bass lines and a pair of chunky electric guitars, this jammy live band performance is fist pump bait! Featuring a soaring, mystical keyboard-driven middle 8...
A down-tempo, epic hard rock banger with a mystical edge and a sense of wide open spaces… featuring an apocalyptic sounding keyboard performance along with trippy psychedelic guitar leads, chunky electric rhythm tracks and a super fuzzy bass sound. All told, “Decimator” is ready to do some serious damage to your precious ear holes!
Finally! A slightly lighter melodic hard rock mid-tempo banger with a tasty lead, aggressive rhythm guitars and a driving bass. Do I detect a hint of optimism there? Maybe, but don’t underestimate this “Tiny Friend” … I’ve heard he’s seriously packing!
A dirgey, mid-tempo hard rock little number chock full o’ chunk! Rythmic, riffy electric guitars are offset by big ol' bass lines, scorching leads and punishing drums. Grimey, grungey and dirty… just the way you like it!
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