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Hang Eleven

Label:  - Ref. THOR-00010 - 2023
Surf Rock
Drum Kit
Electric Guitar

Experience the exquisite whiff of salty air, light brown sandy beaches and a sense of forever in this mystical collection of surf favorites. This...
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12 Tracks 
(Duration: 23 minutes 40 seconds)
A dreamy, surfy lead kicks off some tasty Bossa-nova style beats and sets off vibey organ leads, super 'verby whammy bar rhythm guitars and infectious bass-lines…
Take a trip to surf town with this driving up-tempo cut, featuring big verby vintage sounding guitar leads, groovy basslines, an energetic drum performance and whammy bars doing their thing. Experience the world of the eternal rip curl!
A super-vibey slow burn with vintage sounding reverb-y leads and rhythms to transport you to big blue wide open spaces. Featuring fat driving basslines and aggressive distorted guitars, this dynamic offering will have you booking your ticket to Waikiki!
A super classic surf number with all the trimmings… mystical verb’d out hollow body guitars, groovy throbbing bass and a drum track with impeccable pocket. “Fear And Loafing” evokes the endless longing of the mythical “endless summer.”
A groovy, surfy mamba beat lets you ride into that rip curl in style! A delightfully meandering organ compliments a dynamic live bass and drum interplay, tambourine performance and a tasty hollow body guitar to ramp up the good vibes and kick that beach party into gear!
A relentless, pounding four on the floor drum groove dominates this surfy little number, complimented by dreamy sounding vintage hollow body guitar leads and twangy rhythms. Featuring classic surf style leads and percussion, “Rodeo Mirror” will have you feeling like you’re in the center of the curl!
A super laid back surf’d out little number featuring a dreamy lead and rhythm guitar, groovy bass, acoustic guitar and a drums and percussion performance straight outta the 60’s.
A pop rock four on the floor beat with super lo-fi vintage guitars, old school organ, steady drum grooves and a lead electric guitar that sounds like it was played by your 4 yr old brother! Tasty percussion and subtle plinky piano round out this super-vibey surf track...
A dreamy hypnotic dirge with a relentless pounding drum beat. Trippy, super verbed-out hollow body guitars and pumping bass line evoke a trance-like effect that pulls you in to a surfy, dark vortex! Accented by a light plinkey piano…
A super dynamic, classic surfy straight ahead rock and roll groove defines this head bopping track. Includes the obligatory super clean, verb’d up vintage hollow-body lead, grungy overdriven electric rhythm guitars and top notch baselines to bring it all home to the shore with a cool 60’s vibe.
If a true spy-themed surf rock track existed, it would be this one! Chock-full of everything you want in a surf track including super verby guitars, hypnotic bass-lines, charged up drum performances and a killer pocket. Tasty spy style leads worthy of the MI5 and mysterious villainous grooves abound! In case 007 ever needed to take out a surfer, it’s nice to know this cue is available…
A super groovy follow up to “Day Ripper”, “Velvet Valley” also has spy overtones, trippy psychedelic verb’d out vintage surf guitars, driving bass-lines, an energetic live drum performance and a dramatic guitar lead. When spies and surf collide... good things happen!
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