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College Radio Collection

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Label:  - Ref. THOR-00012 - 2023
Drum Kit
Electric Guitar

A treasure trove of lo-fi garage-forward “not-ready-for-prime-time” offerings straight from the Music Wing, where the yardstick for “good” is open to...
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14 Tracks 
(Duration: 22 minutes 43 seconds)
A tasty, straight up four on the floor drum beat kicks off this vampy, post punk rock ’n roll number! With plenty o’ grungey, messy “wall of sludge” guitars, bass-lines pedaling 8’s and a super driving beat, “Aquamarine” has it all… including a # 54 spot on the College charts! (if yer lucky)
A nice, light uptempo pop ensemble performance featuring super jangly vintage electric guitars and a lo-fi organ track that pushes the boundaries of democratic soloing etiquette. A super garage-y 60’s throwback featuring a nice dusting of assorted percussion and tons of surfy good vibes!
A Fender-y picked bass opens this spunky little ditty followed by clean vintage sounding electric guitars, a funky drum beat and a clean vintage sounding lead. You’ll know you’re not in Kansas anymore when the sparse verses give way to a super driving, power pop wall of sound, amped up further with a catchy distorted guitar lead! Add some subtle country overtones to the mix and you have yourself a standout track that fits in anywhere…
A college radio worthy psychedelic 60’s throwback with “aaahs” ,“oohs” and “heys” for days! Taking lo-fi recording and mixing to the dark ages, this little live band ensemble track satisfies… but in the way of a Snickers bar… cheap, sweet and likely to rot your teeth someday, with liberal use of reverb and super excitable vintage guitars!
A super 'verbed-out lead electric guitar sequence opens this lively garage-y 60’s throwback pop ditty! Surfy, messy and chock-full of irresponsible guitar parts and ideas, the musicians who performed on this track should definitely be held back for detention and the producer and engineer should be fired! Still, it’s got a certain “something.”
A fuzzy, lo-fi garage guitar kicks off this super simple live band jam. A noticeable lack of reverb and a lo-fi super tight room sound give “Indigo” the green light for College Radio consideration! But don’t quit yer day jobs kids!
If anyone can tell me what this style of music is supposed to be, you win a set of steak knives! Garage... maybe?? Taking lo-fi to the "next level" “Robin Egg” features a groovy bass line, slinky drum groove, muddy guitars, cool organ performance and a truck load of angsty college "attitude."
A decidedly lo-fi little live band performance that sounds like its everyone’s first day in the music wing! Featuring poorly recorded drums, bass and electric guitars this (we’ll call it garage) rock performance still manages to thrill the minimalist listener who demands the very worst in quality! Grade: F+.
A big ballsy drum beat sets the stage for this lo-fi grunge-y turd bucket of tunage. A driving Fender bass satisfies the basic requirements for grooviness… just throw in a dash of clean single string guitar lead and you’ve got yourself a groovy, messy, live jam that will guarantee you’re late for English class!
A plucky Fender bass-line and a needley clean Rickenbacker bounce off a steady toms-forward drum performance! Poppy in a 60’s throwback kinda way and unintentionally sexy and groovy. Grade: B-
Indie as hell, this track really commits to it’s "lo-fi" status! Messy, incompetently played electric guitars and bass sound as if they’d been played by 12 year olds- the only saving grace being a savage driving drum part. What era it belongs to is anyone’s guess, but I can tell you one thing for sure… it’s clearly a band that’s playing a song! Grade F!
A groovy drum beat leads the charge on this lo-fi garage band performance that perhaps should have well and truly stayed in the garage. Featuring jangling out of tune guitars, a riffy rhythmic bass line and super vintage sounding drums, you’ll feel like an extra in an Annette Funicello beach movie! Surf’s up!
A wicked electric guitar lead kicks this sparse groove-centric number into gear and features skanky 60’s throwback rhythms, a groovy throbbing bass and a C- drummer going for broke! A decidedly lo-fi ensemble performance that will get all the chicks dancing. But don’t be too shy to ask them nerds!
A lo-fi super overdriven electric guitar kicks this live band performance into gear, featuring a super groovy picked Fender P bass track, minimal guitars and big open drum sounds. Top it off with a super chaotic ending with an overdriven lead guitar and you’ve got a head of the class high school banger!
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