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Label:  - Ref. THOR-00019 - 2023
Alternative Rock
Southern Rock
Drum Kit
Electric Bass Guitar
Electric Guitar
Rock Band

With plenty of big no-nonsense, 4 on the floor drum performances, vintage sounding 70’s electric guitars, P-bass and a sprinkling of organ and rock...
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10 Tracks 
(Duration: 16 minutes 55 seconds)
A nice and dirty, top-down cruising little number featuring that classic ‘Gibson through a Marshall’ vibe that’s in no hurry to get to where it’s going! Featuring big beefy beats, pumping bass and gritty guitars and leads…
A rough, gritty electric guitar-driven mid-tempo, four on the floor musical number complete with throbbing bass, big ‘ol beats and sweet melodic leads… the perfect soundtrack for your next road trip!
A freewheeling and sparse, early 70’s vibe with a pumping fat bass guitar, plinky rock and roll piano, nice riffy rhythm guitar and a melodic lead solo. Just what you need on that trip to the laundromat… or maybe the local watering hole!
Filthy with roadhouse barroom vibes, “High Heel Boogie” comes complete with happy time organ, rock and roll piano, plucky bass guitar, vintage sounding electric guitars… and a ton of good times attitude! “Hey bartender! Another round for all my FRIENDS…”
A straight ahead, mid-tempo rocker that will cut through your boredom like a hot knife through butter! This nice road worthy vamp features vintage 70’s sounding electric guitars, pumping Fender bass and a big straight-up drum performance to boogie down to!
Like the title suggests, this melodic, down-tempo two step might feel right at home in a number of locations, be it the local country saloon, or off the high street in a hip, London glam club in the 70’s! Featuring super groovy rock and roll guitars, piano and bass, this track is thick with country-glam attitude!
A straight-ahead rock and roll big beat, boogie-woogie number complete with dueling electric lead guitars, slow throbbing bass, and vintage electric rhythm guitars to cruise down the highway to… or perhaps head to that rock and roll showdown at high noon!
A super-energetic, riff-heavy little number with tons of attitude to spare! A tasty country rock guitar riff kicks off this intense up-tempo rockin’ banger featuring big heavy 70’s style electric rhythm guitars, a swampy slide, throbbing Precision bass, scorching solos and a big old fat boom bap kick snare pattern to satisfy the most discerning rockers… a perfect soundtrack to your bar fight!
A nice and easy straight-ahead 70’s style rocker with all the trimmings… country rock electric guitars, pumping P bass, huge hard hitting drums and a bunch of loose soloing to round it all out for ya! “Freedom Riders” sets the stage for your house party, tavern jukebox or freewheelin’ road trip with no fixed destination…
A steady, pumping no-nonsense little rocker featuring big beats, big electric guitars, and even bigger bass! “Southern Fried” is a tasty little mid-tempo road trip worthy rocker that has all the big ballsy attitude you need!
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