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Label:  - Ref. THOR-00007 - 2023
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An intense alt-rock journey back to the early 80’s and 90’s featuring big energetic guitars, aggressive basses and big live drum performances that...
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16 Tracks 
(Duration: 28 minutes 18 seconds)
A spirited indie rock track with an exciting live band performance and a picked bass mixed way up front. Later Worked has an undeniable force and intensity that is a cut above the rest, delivered by a killer indie rock band laying it all down live… on the first take!
An aggressive mid-tempo power pop dirge featuring loud dynamic electric guitars, pounding drums and a super driving bass. A truly hard-hitting off-the-chain live performance, filthy with hot licks and grooves!
A barrage of distorted electric guitars come at you right off the top with this straight ahead rocker that features a slamming mid-tempo drum performance, soaring guitar leads and a Fender P bass amp’d through an Ampeg SVT! No nonsense!
An epic kick drum “battle beat” hits you like Thor’s hammer right outta the gate on this super intense, blistering guitar-diven track! Featuring killer drums, bass and an electric guitar tone that cuts through the noise like a razor! Hearing protection recommended!
An old school indie throwback track with vintage sounding guitar tones, lo-fidelity, messy out of tune guitars and an energetic drum track for good measure. Clearly there is no mystery as to where that bottle was left behind… the recording studio!
A ballsy, dynamic shredded guitar intro, paired with a sloppy, slamming drum take, along with a super loose bass performance all conspire to create one classic sounding “indie” train wreck! These musicians may not win a grammy, but they sure sound like someone may have hit them on the head with one! A kickass, beautiful inebriated disaster…
A shotgun like rapid fire snare drum explodes off the top of this decidedly lo-fi late 60’s-cum mid-80’s throwback. Super messy garage-y guitars perfectly compliment this C- bass and drum performance! Too good to pass up… so bad you might throw up!
An intense simmering build launches this firy indie style track into the stratosphere with blistering intensity! Featuring super feedback-y electric guitars, a swishy hard hitting drum track and a hotted up bass performance that does not disappoint!
This super garage-y sounding, three piece indie band performance with random bursts of energy will have you ordering one too many! Super dynamic, intense and scattered musically (in a good way). A decidedly greasy musical mess that may require a clean up on aisle ten!
A lo-fi garage-y hot mess complete with unqualified guitar performances and a bass track that borders on the incompetent. But what would any self respecting indie track be without a drum track that speeds up and slows down?!? Nothing I say! As authentic as it gets folks… maybe it doesn’t even belong in a music catalog!
A high fidelity dynamic and super energetic drum track leads this formidable power pop assault! Melodic and over-distorted guitars with creamy overtones lead the charge, featuring a particularly warm analog bass track to bring up the rear. Add a few dreamy piano parts and a background vocal for good measure and Bob’s Your Uncle!
Straight-up garage-y sounding sonic wallpaper for your throwback indie film about how misunderstood you were back in high school. Featuring these three unique instruments: guitar, bass and drums. Thats it! No nonsense!
A super aggressive straight up rocker featuring BIG analog electric guitars, a killer opening and an epic downbeat! A hard rock roadhouse style live performance dominates the jukebox in this super-energetic live track with tons of EDGE! Buy yourself a one way ticket to SHRED-land!
A noisy, trashy electric guitar mess with plenty of out of tune guitar solos! Aggressive drumming and thumping bass complete the indie rocker picture and leave you pining for the mid 90’s!
Super lo-fi and laid back, Cornflower takes you on a garage-y melodic trip into pre grunge-ville! Featuring a distinctively slacker-forward band performance and a vintage lo-fidelity recording quality that will leave you looking for a better sound engineer… but in a GOOD way.
Evoking some of the earliest British post punk/alternative indie bands of the mid 80’s, this lo-fi recording features a driving picked Fender P bass performance along with a unique drum performance and a clean vintage sounding single string guitar lead… with a side of feedback for good measure!
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