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Cosmic Happenings

Label:  - Ref. THOR-00009 - 2023
Electric Guitar

The psychedelic 60’s never kicked like this! A super intense, rock and roll orgy of B-3 organs, lo-fi electrics, hypnotic bass-lines, old school drum...
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13 Tracks 
(Duration: 25 minutes 0 seconds)
A tripped out hippy organ fest! Featuring B-3 solos, feel-good beats, vintage sounding electric guitars and slightly sinister psychedelic vibes…
A super trippy, rock and roll dirge that doesn’t skimp on the organ! Spark up that Thai stick and take a deep dive down this rabbit hole of psychedelic happenings!
A spunky, vintage sounding 60’s throwback featuring super clean needly sounding Rickenbackers, a driving Fender bass-line, tambourines and a crazy good drummer giving it all he’s got! This little ditty sounds like it may have jumped straight out of an Austin Powers movie! GROOVY baby!
A spaced out, super intense, organ driven power pop groove with an amped up bass-line, buzzy guitars, crazy solos and a live drum track that kicks so hard, it may cause unintentional harm! (in a GOOD way!)
An energetic, psychedelic, super acid-blues track with a prominent overdriven organ, funky groovy bass and a drum track with crazy loose frantic beats! Featuring some tasty lo-fi vintage guitar solos, this Chianti delivers a nice kick!
An exceedingly jammy, super groovy B-3 organ driven track with a nice riffy piano, cowbell and tons of other psychedelic trippiness for your listening pleasure!
Ace ain’t the only one who’s high on this fuzzy, spaced out 60’s deep cut, featuring sloppy vintage sounding guitars, driving drums and a droney hypnotic bass. A slight spy vibe can be detected in the form of a breakout single string guitar… 007 in da house!
Feedbacky spaced out guitars, reverby tambourines and a hypnotic drum and bass groove make this laid back 60’s throwback a "feel good" happening. Featuring background "oohs and ahhhs" for good measure!
Verbed-out garage-y Fenders through Fenders take you on a throwback journey to groove town baby! Sexy riffs, pulsing bass and a Rhumba-style live drum beat take this sassy little ditty to some very good places! Add a few tasty guitar leads for good measure...
Picture a super messy, creamy blistering guitar, a throbbing bass-line and a scorching out of tune lead and you’ve got the recipe to a sexy psychedelic freak out party! This is one vintage nightcap you’ll never forget…
Super trashy lead guitars and equally trashy B-3 organ compete for a psychedelic vibe-town victory for most spaced out performance! “Trip Mambo” really takes garage and lo-fi to another dimension, going places no one probably ever wanted to go! A feel good, slightly out of control psychedelic happening that takes you to the dimension PAST the next dimension!
Spark a J and lean in hard to this energetic organ orgasm, chock full of lo-fi vintagey sounding, out of tune guitars, super driving basslines and a live drum performance that dives deep! “Who’s The Face?” Maybe it’s you… maybe it’s me? Who gives a shit! This groove’s so sick you may need to contact a medical professional!
A super trippy, throbby, laid back mid-tempo psychedelic pocket leads the charge in this atmospheric lo-fi garage-y, yet dance-y deep dive down the rabbit hole of Cosmic tunage! Featuring spaced out backwards guitar, weird organs, 'verb-y tambourines and a sweet vintage electric lead, “Cadet” creates a total vibe… or maybe - it IS the vibe...
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