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Playlist by 
Thorvald Records, Inc.
 - 2022

A collection of hot little numbers for your discerning earholes...

21 Tracks 
(Duration: 37 minutes 30 seconds)
Living is truly easy when your soundtrack sounds this good! An upbeat, breezy little ditty that features spaghetti western guitar leads, strummy acoustic guitars, country bass and a laid back drum performance complete with horse “clip clops!” A easy Sunday ride across the countryside and an honest woman… that’s all you need in Amphetamine Country! (and money for drugs)
A super loose and groovy rock n roll jam that’s laid back enough to deliver a deep pocket and then some! Featuring a killer lead guitar improv, super loose groovy bass and a straight up drum performance that leaves things decidedly on the back half, "Waiting For the Swell" is chock-full of good vibes, good times and a decidedly subtle surfy undertow…
A high-octane punk scorcher guaranteed to have you moshing in a hail of spit! An energetic, up-tempo punk polka or verified skate punk anthem…? You decide.
A relentless, pounding four on the floor drum groove dominates this surfy little number, complimented by dreamy sounding vintage hollow body guitar leads and twangy rhythms. Featuring classic surf style leads and percussion, “Rodeo Mirror” will have you feeling like you’re in the center of the curl!
A college radio worthy psychedelic 60’s throwback with “aaahs” ,“oohs” and “heys” for days! Taking lo-fi recording and mixing to the dark ages, this little live band ensemble track satisfies… but in the way of a Snickers bar… cheap, sweet and likely to rot your teeth someday, with liberal use of reverb and super excitable vintage guitars!
A tasty little rockin' number featuring all the usual suspects. “Midnight” takes the listener on a journey to the 1950’s with whammy bar semi hollow body guitars, slap back reverb, stand up bass and a rockin’ little drum beat you can send home to Mamma! Featuring a vintage sounding lead courtesy of ‘Shake and Bake’ Jones… strictly for hep cats- no squares!
The 313 kick some serious ass in this unapologetic high voltage classic Motor City jam. Featuring scorching guitar solos and a savage live drum performance that will leave you sweaty and exhausted! Huge attitude and huge guitars compete to seal the deal on this 70’s throwback rock and roll banger.
A light mandolin driven, folky little tune with an acoustic guitar, live stompy beat, irrational feedback and a little light percussion for your weary ears! Sit back, steep that tea and enjoy…
A British style punk explosion featuring a super intense live performance that kicks like a mule! Razor blade guitars and a barrage of attitude transport the listener directly inside that sweaty mosh pit… slam dance with confidence!
A super tight, driving, uptempo live performance that features trippy backwards guitars, riffy rhythms, iconic leads and jangley rhythm electrics courtesy of the Rickenbacker 330! Take a dive into that magical era of Manchester when it was all just beginning…
A decidedly lo-fi little live band performance that sounds like its everyone’s first day in the music wing! Featuring poorly recorded drums, bass and electric guitars this (we’ll call it garage) rock performance still manages to thrill the minimalist listener who demands the very worst in quality! Grade: F+.
A shotgun like rapid fire snare drum explodes off the top of this decidedly lo-fi late 60’s-cum mid-80’s throwback. Super messy garage-y guitars perfectly compliment this C- bass and drum performance! Too good to pass up… so bad you might throw up!
A Fender-y picked bass opens this spunky little ditty followed by clean vintage sounding electric guitars, a funky drum beat and a clean vintage sounding lead. You’ll know you’re not in Kansas anymore when the sparse verses give way to a super driving, power pop wall of sound, amped up further with a catchy distorted guitar lead! Add some subtle country overtones to the mix and you have yourself a standout track that fits in anywhere…
A somewhat speedy traditional country two-step featuring dueling cowboy leads, country and western rhythm guitars, stand up bass and a killer drum track to bring it all home to the only country I know… Amphetamine Country.
A sleazy blues rock riff-tastic jam with a kick ass pocket and a tasty straight up drum groove takes this track’s “four on the floor” to another level!
Driving, energetic riff rock with a scorching old school solo delivered HOT to your doorstep via a super exciting live performance. Anthemic blues rock and roll at it’s finest!
A mid-tempo rocking jam with a distinctive rockabilly lead guitar straight off the top kicking things into gear! Comes complete with signature whammy bar lead guitar licks, stand up bass and a solid drum performance with a big pocket! Roll those dice and flash those tats… what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! A soundtrack to your lost rockabilly weekend…
A ballsy, dynamic shredded guitar intro, paired with a sloppy, slamming drum take, along with a super loose bass performance all conspire to create one classic sounding “indie” train wreck! These musicians may not win a grammy, but they sure sound like someone may have hit them on the head with one! A kickass, beautiful inebriated disaster…
An aggressive, tom-heavy drum intro kicks this peppy little three piece live performance into gear! This spunky little mid-tempo number features an aggressive, super clangy electric guitar, dynamic pulsing P bass and a hard hitting drum track that will pull you into that early 80’s post punk realm… with a bang!
A 70’s glam throwback track, featuring driving acoustic guitars, pulsing dynamic bass lines and a classic glam style pocket to lay it all down just right! A subtle clean electric guitar lead brings it all together and pulls you into a time warp of epic vibe-y proportions!
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