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Thorvald Records, Inc.
 - 2022
Drum Kit
Electric Bass Guitar
Electric Guitar
Rock Band

A tribute to a fallen hero, a great friend and one of the finest guitar players there ever was... ladies and gentlemen I give you the one, the only...
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16 Tracks 
(Duration: 32 minutes 21 seconds)
The 313 kick some serious ass in this unapologetic high voltage classic Motor City jam. Featuring scorching guitar solos and a savage live drum performance that will leave you sweaty and exhausted! Huge attitude and huge guitars compete to seal the deal on this 70’s throwback rock and roll banger.
This seriously swampy slide guitar driven, blues rock dirge will have you immersed in the Mississippi mud! Featuring driving and relentless drum bashing and a single string guitar riff through a Fender reverb amp, this sludgey anthemic selection will leave your earholes well gritty…
A bluesy trip through a sludgey swamp featuring sick ass soloing by the one and only Ziggy Sigmund and a straight four drum pocket that lays WAY back. A downtempo fist punching head banger all the way!
A kickass live band laying it down on the most intense level! Tasty riffs, super high octane grooves, killer electric guitars, driving bass-lines and glorious choruses kick this straight four anthemic performance into the stratosphere!
A sleazy blues rock riff-tastic jam with a kick ass pocket and a tasty straight up drum groove takes this track’s “four on the floor” to another level!
A beer soaked roadhouse riff-fest with driving blues attitude and all the trimmings - that doesn’t skimp on the rock sauce! A relentless, pounding drum track that seems bent on total destruction!
A high octane boogie-woogie jam, featuring deliciously swampy analog sounding guitars, super driving bass and a fiery drum performance to deliver a powerful gritty slathering of rock and roll syrup to your plate!
Powerful straight up riff-driven rock with a relentless drum track! A super tight pocket gives this meat and potatoes performance a powerful edge...
Relentless 70’s riff rock gone off the deep end! A nice sleazy laid back pocket brings an anthemic chorus to full realization, peppered along the way with tasty mini solos and heaps of “attitude.”
A straight up, hard driving rock and roll journey to shreds-ville featuring irresponsible amounts of creamy 70’s electric guitar solos and riffs, delivered extra hot by a kick ass live band.
This anthemic, kick ass live performance features a relentless dual electric guitar barrage of fury. Super high energy drumming and exciting breaks, with off-the-chain soloing make this track a serious head banging classic!
Guaranteed to deliver on its promise to literally melt your face! Brash, gritty, thrashing punk rock guitars shower you with bad attitude and even slip in the odd solo! Like multiple songs in one, this track is an editor's dream, featuring many transitions to chop in and out of. Slice and dice with confidence!
Exploding out of the gate with a barrage of power pop/punk electric guitars, BCOP delivers heaps of attitude and is guaranteed to facilitate mayhem wherever and whenever it is played! A blistering white hot electric guitar attack with driving bass, kick ass drumming and super tight bouncy chords literally smashing you in the face! Be warned!
High octane rock and roll super blues with soloing and riffing insanity! Live energetic mayhem with a driving beat.
A high-octane face ripper with big guitars and plenty of attitude combined with a powerful 350L rock and roll engine! A kIller live performance and hard hitting bass and drum track get it done… and then some!
Confident and driving rock and roll heavy on the 70’s era electric guitars. Hard hitting drums, messy, gritty vintage axes and reckless soloing take this head banger to whatever level is beyond the next level!
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