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Thorvald Records, Inc.
 - 2022
Drum Kit
Electric Guitar

Down a shot and a beer to the evil twang of the Pornobilly Kingpins...

13 Tracks 
(Duration: 20 minutes 24 seconds)
A nice an' dirty pornobilly dirge that lays it all down nice and easy for ya! A super sexy, throbbing stand up bass leads the way with a tasty array of rockabilly electric guitars fully engaged in sliding, soloing and wailing with vintage tones to ‘write home’ about. Drummer Greasy Pete brings it all the sleaziest of ways.
A super rocking, uptempo pornobilly jam, with a nice two step groove and a prominent super woody sounding stand up bass! Slick drumming and scorching solos are right on target in this tribute to the greats of the genre…
An upbeat, peppy little rocker with strummy acoustic guitars, tasty low single-string rockabilly solos, seriously rocking stand up bass courtesy of Slim Fats and a beat that can’t be beat! Is it actually true that “Everyone Likes A Rocker?” Well it’s true if you must be talking about the “Pornobilly Kingpins!”
A spicy little number chock full ‘o licks and blistering straight ahead at 100 miles per hour! Featuring a swampy slide, aggressive electric guitars on the punk side (courtesy of Junebug McGee) and a driving beat you just can’t deny! “Evil Vixens” gets the bar brawls started and sets the club on fire! (In a GOOD way)
A mid-tempo rocking jam with a distinctive rockabilly lead guitar straight off the top kicking things into gear! Comes complete with signature whammy bar lead guitar licks, stand up bass and a solid drum performance with a big pocket! Roll those dice and flash those tats… what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! A soundtrack to your lost rockabilly weekend…
An uptempo classic rockabilly number with all the trimmings! A Gibson hollow body electric guitar with a Bigsby tailpiece takes the lead, followed by a super greasy drum performance and a traditional stand up bass line to create a truly authentic 50’s rockabilly atmosphere and experience! Meet you at the sock hop!
An upbeat rockabilly number, complete with riffy rocking leads, chunky stand up bass and a greasy-lidded rockabilly drummer with a serious pocket! Everything your ‘real gone’ rockabilly world requires for a rocking good time!
A traditional little rockabilly number suitable for the discerning greaser, featuring all the usual suspects including a seriously woody stand up bass chugging away to an uptempo two step drum part! A verified toe tapper...
A tasty little rockin' number featuring all the usual suspects. “Midnight” takes the listener on a journey to the 1950’s with whammy bar semi hollow body guitars, slap back reverb, stand up bass and a rockin’ little drum beat you can send home to Mamma! Featuring a vintage sounding lead courtesy of ‘Shake and Bake’ Jones… strictly for hep cats- no squares!
A killer rockabilly two step shuffle with all the trimmings! Vintage sounding electric guitar leads and acoustic guitar rhythms complete with drums and stand up bass to kick up one hell of a a fuss! You’ll think you just stepped into the 1950’s with this swingin' little number!
Fasten your seat belts and crank up your hi-fi for this scorching little high octane banger! A blistering overdriven rockabilly electric lead takes the charge, kicking up the dust and featuring a hard driving stand up bass and a fiery drum performance that leaves nothing but devastation in its path! *Recommended listening level: LOUD AF!
Hide the moonshine and lock up yer daughters cause Daddy’s home… and he’s feelin’ mean! An all out aural assault of acoustic country pickin', hard core metal guitars, driving bass lines and a super bashy drum performance take this hillbilly banger SEVERAL levels higher than the “next level.”
Redneck rock and roll never sounded this tasty! This hillbilly blues ditty features stand up bass, acoustic guitar, rockabilly leads and plenty of harmonica to swoon even the most hesitant of close family members! A super fun bouncy, swingin' ride into hicktown…
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