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Crystal Hills

Label:  - Ref. THOR-00018 - 2023
Drum Kit
Electric Bass Guitar
Electric Guitar

Somewhere far away from the hustle and bustle of every day modern life… way, way up yonder lies the “Crystal Hills.” Featuring an intoxicating mix of...
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12 Tracks 
(Duration: 18 minutes 46 seconds)
Batten down the hatches and fire up that still… its drinkin’ time! A super upbeat high octane cocktail of hillbilly beats and drivin’ electric guitars with plenty of country-billy attitude!
If you love your sister then you’ll LOVE this bluegrass inspired musical ditty, featuring a traditional country bass-line, swampy slide, finger pickin’ banjo and a boom bap drum part. Conspicuously absent of hard-core electric guitars… axeman Jed must have fallen asleep in the barn!
Hide the moonshine and lock up yer daughters cause Daddy’s home… and he’s feelin’ mean! An all out aural assault of acoustic country pickin', hard core metal guitars, driving bass lines and a super bashy drum performance take this hillbilly banger SEVERAL levels higher than the “next level.”
A turbo charged Ozark mountain hillbilly jam that’s gone way off the rails! Featuring an unholy alliance of heavy metal guitars, banjo, acoustic guitar, country bass and a drummer so high on meth he may just be floating off his drum kit! A super fast tempo and crazy banjo/guitars dueling for territory, “Lucky Devils” is a great track to smash up the living room to.
A machine gun-like snare drum intro blasts this super fast hillbilly shit show into high gear! Featuring super distorted guitars and heavy metal banjo, this is one “Moonshine Drive By” you won’t want to miss!
Get ready for a brand new genre: Hillbilly punk! Featuring driving drumming, throbbing punky bass, razor blade metal electric guitars, harmonica and heavy metal banjo! (of course) I would add as a note of caution, the Ozark mountains have never really been a great place to break down in.
Have you ever wondered what the sound of a bunch of hillbilly rednecks left unsupervised near an unguarded still would sound like? Well wonder no more! Redneckin’ takes you there, courtesy of the Hillbilly Underground… featuring an unholy Ozark mountain cocktail of punky bass, grunge-y guitars, banjo, surf guitar, harmonica and big tubby sounding drums to pass out to!
A peppy up-tempo country ditty featuring the illustrious jews harp, lo-fi grunge-y guitars, driving bass, harmonica and a tom tom happy drum track! Take a nice bouncy ride wayyy up into the mountains…
Redneck rock and roll never sounded this tasty! This hillbilly blues ditty features stand up bass, acoustic guitar, rockabilly leads and plenty of harmonica to swoon even the most hesitant of close family members! A super fun bouncy, swingin' ride into hicktown…
A straight up power pop ‘billy shredder that takes no prisoners! Featuring punky bass, powerhouse electric guitars, slammin' drums and a standout harmonica track for the ages! Of all the things that blow… this one definitely don’t!
Hillbilly meets punk rock in this super charged, high octane trailer park banger! Comes complete with a showering Luftwaffe of distorted guitars, intense harmonica, dirty leads and a driving ‘go-for-broke’ drum performance second to none!
A doboro-heavy power punk ditty suitable for any intense outdoor sporting activity such as huntin’ raccoons or… maybe lost tourists!? Featuring a driving backbeat, powerhouse electric rhythm guitars, pumping bass, a killer breakdown and more... happy hunting!
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