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True Story

Label:  - Ref. THOR-00020 - 2023

A quirky love letter to techno featuring ambient overtones, Electronic Folder strikes a kind of balance between the two. Fat analog synths,...
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14 Tracks 
(Duration: 44 minutes 17 seconds)
A fat old school drum machine leads the charge, followed by an analog synth bass paired with organ and melodic synth, building as it progresses like a flower blooming. A soundtrack to your retro new wave party? Or a completely new genre… you decide!
A surfy, electric guitar features in the foreground on top of a techno drum and bass synth line. An uptempo beat tics along with a perfect pocket creating a unique dreamy atmosphere and a sense of wide open spaces… a real toe tapper!
A would be techno pop “hit” with many influences and featuring analog synth leads, fat analog basses and strings. Samples and random vocals throughout pepper the proceedings with a cynical take on modern society. A distinctive string pad shifts the mood from uplifting to sombre in a flash…
A killer old school, uptempo techno banger that will force you on to the dance floor whether you like it or not! Super infectious and groovy, this 80’s throwback will transport you to a time when getting sweaty on the dance floor meant your eyes being burnt out of their sockets by Aquanet and getting drunk on 99 cent hi-balls!
A mid-tempo techno throwback banger complete with signature sawtooth synth lead, random German vocal samples, rhythmic synth bass and intricate drum programming and percussion.
As beautiful as an 80’s ambient atmospheric track gets, “Sweep Beats” features a solid melodic foundation, layering incredible analog string samples and various digital keyboard samples to create an advanced orchestration that is enhanced by deft drum programming and Mellotron cello features. The track then breaks into a club beat and builds in intensity all just to end simply and completely with a Mellotron flute and string…
An incredible 80’s throwback track complete with signature arpeggiated keyboard pattern and many layers of ambient keys, complimenting a unique drum programming layer and melancholy melody. Shades of hope and inspiration can be felt giving way to a somber concerning feel that breaks into a wide open triumphant finale moment, with all elements coming together in a perfect interplay. An exceptionally composed techno pop masterpiece.
More experimentation with deep house grooves, samples and percussion, sick breaks and a somewhat tribal rhythmic pattern. Subtle string and keyboard samples reign softly over the mix like angels protecting the innocent. Another incredible synthetic offering.
A Mellotron flute sample and intricate layers of keyboard samples drift on top of a simple beat box and after reveal a funky rhythmic guitar performance hiding in the background. Acutely reminiscent of 80’s sensibilities, “Sunny Lo-Fi” delivers a dream to your doorstep and transports you to another era with subtle mastery.
An uptempo, live drum kit sets the stage for an atmospheric and trippy little number that showcases a rhythmic guitar performance. A faraway piano track leads the charge in amongst pulsating keyboards that lie layer upon layer, providing a sublime palette from which to reference. Super vibey, and sometimes evoking a creepy sense of mystery, “20200530” takes things beyond the ordinary…
A sublime atmospheric ambient musical offering, featuring a lonely isolated sounding electric piano sample, Mellotron flutes, bowed cello and heaps of reverberation. A thoughtful transition comes in the form of something close to a middle 8, but not really. Rxperiment is a study in rhythm and melody.
A slightly aggressive, dynamic and melodic 80’s style throwback in an ambient cum pop vein. Featuring programmed drum beats, various keyboard parts intertwining with each other and all tied together with a super fat analog bass. Experiment 2 is reaches it’s zenith with a deft interplay between all the elements combining…
An incredible melancholy upright piano leads into a breathtaking ambient creative space, which builds slowly in response to interplay amongst a synth cello, synth bass and layered pads. A sonic gift to the troubled mind and a pleasure to take in, "Project Untitled" features a huge synthetic choir pad that takes us out with grave dignity and substantial gravitas.
A delicate and playful techno-sonic ballet plays itself out against a bed of analog string samples and cello, closing the proceedings with an exquisite Mellotron flute. As pretty as it is innovative, “Sketch For Dance” closes out an exceptionally powerful and expressive album.
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