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Best Of Garage

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Label:  - Ref. THOR-00006 - 2023
Garage Rock
Drum Kit
Electric Bass Guitar
Electric Guitar
Rock Band

From super-loose lo-fi garage rock to eardrum shredding high-voltage guitars and basses, this raw indie rock collection delivers just what you need. ...
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20 Tracks 
(Duration: 37 minutes 33 seconds)
A shimmery live drum track and throbbing bass line take the listener to some very sonically trashy places! Featuring an electric guitar that can barely contain its own feedback, this swampy performance is anything but boring. This hazy drug-induced recording may leave the listener with a profound sense of disassociation… in a GOOD way.
A super energetic, uptempo garagey dirge that doesn’t f**k around! Featuring filthy guitars that take lo-fi to another level, drums that break the sound barrier and a crazy driving bass going for broke! A serious head banger!
Super hi-octane ear shredding explosion of sound that threatens to tear the very fabric of the time/space continuum with its rock intensity! Frantic, greasy and fithy, “Buzzclaw” tears through your ear holes with reckless abandon, destroying anything in it’s path. Featuring kIller live performances and an overall sonic assault that will leave you feeling violated… in a GOOD way.
Juicy, tasty and glammy as hell, this grunge-y offering pumps along with a hypnotic groove that will have everyone on board the glam train! A super fat pumping baseline and aggressively driving drum performance will suck you into the music like a radioactive Hoover on crack!
If insanely slamming drums, distorted ‘Viking grade’ bass lines and furious electric guitars are your thing… look no further! An insane berserker rage of pure sonic insanity! If you need to bring the hammer down… Thorvald has your back!
Garage-y lo-fi musical incompetence doesn’t get any worse than this! Featuring a heartfelt live band performance channeled into a gnarly rock slop bucket for your listening (dis)pleasure!
Super groovy, garage-y goodness delivered HOT. A scorching fury of Hell-bound guitars shred along with distorted bass lines that take it to a whole OTHER level! A trashy grunge rock offering with occasional psychedelic overtones…
A bombastic, electrified super-groove accentuated by trashy, gritty guitars and a creamed up distorted SVT bass combine to literally make your jaw shake! A top heavy sonic assault worthy of the most intense on-screen battle sequence. Featuring a super aggressive militaristic drum performance and take no prisoners attitude!
Experience rock and roll Armageddon with this super intense, super immense up-tempo’d dirge guaranteed to leave you with hearing damage! Featuring the clankiest distorted ass bass you’ve ever heard, a cranked up face melting electric lead and a relentless drum track that evokes the very hammer of THOR himself! Music to pillage villages by - listen at your own risk!!
Set sail for a sea of rock where the waters are full of attitude and crunchy guitars! Avast ye head banging scoundrels! Big, brash electric guitars and a triumphant groove lead this gritty, mid-tempo sea shanty into deep metal edged waters.
A super buzzy bass leads the charge in this big, brash garage-y sounding cut. Out of tune, lo-fi reverb-y guitars accent a perfect sloppy music mess for your enjoyment!
A delightfully buzzy bass track sets the stage for a super authentic garage rock performance second to none! Chock-full of lo-fi vintage vibes from the sloppy over compressed live drums, to the out of tune Fender guitars, "Buzzy Basser" will have you searching for a tuner and pining for contemporary recording techniques!
A super garage-y slippery slide-y band vibe takes you beyond the rehearsal space and into the debauched machinations of a dedicated reprobate! A deceptively groovy drum groove along with plenty of gritty analog guitar riffs and heaps of musical slop, this track lives up to its name.
A ferociously aggressive guitar attack off the top of this garage rocker blasts you into a ballsy live powerhouse of a band performance! Lots of tough gritty guitar riffs and skanky bass lines create an intense and heavy atmosphere! Listen with care, it'll take a chunk of flesh off you!
Throbbing and super groovy, LKJ oozes a rhythmically beautiful sloppy guitar mess second to none. A dynamic garage-y rhythm and blues number with a fuzzy bass and super slippery slide guitars…
A spunky up-tempo blast from the past, featuring tandem riffy bass and guitar with “go for broke” lo-fi drums on a mission to capture the groove of the ages! Maximum R&B at its most raw…
Epic drums and an epic bass riff take the center stage in this super ballsy rock track evoking the very essence of Odin himself! Featuring a hammering relentless bass-line that would make the Gods proud!
Ten times harder hitting and ten times trashier than a 70’s dinosaur rock band, this track evokes mayhem in a hugely intense way. A head-banging fist pumper that will get your heart pumping! Super tight riff rock and a super hot drum and bass performance take things to another dimension … like a dose of groove straight into your arm!
This hard driving super burner opens with a humungous bass riff designed to deafen and terrify! Equally huge live drums and gritty guitars compete to create a formidable rock soup too hot for anyone to eat! Undeniable head banging will result from exposure to this garage / metal super groove!
A hell raising, four on the floor banger that starts off at a 10/10 for intensity... and builds from there! Super huge bass riffs and a shower of massive hi voltage, face melting guitars penetrate the entire sonic landscape as they set fire to the troops and summon the Viking Warships! “Judgement Is Coming” provides the perfect soundtrack to pillage a village to.
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