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Thorvald Jazz Series Playlist

Playlist by 
Thorvald Records, Inc.
 - 2023

Representing vintage and contemporary recordings, Thorvald Jazz Series is a home for the very best in jazz.

20 Tracks 
(Duration: 1 hour 22 minutes 9 seconds)
A playful piano hook kicks off a scorching hot performance by Chris Gestrin and Chris Sigerson on Hammond organ and acoustic piano respectively. A swinging little number with a terminally groovy walking bass line for the ages, “G-Man Blues” is a thrilling, uptempo live jam session that digs a very deep pocket!
A beautiful father/son collaboration, “Reflections On A Pond” provides the soundtrack to your 1950’s New York lifestyle. Penned by Chris and Benjamin Sigerson and featuring a sublime sax solo by the incomparable Campbell Ryga and a deeply tasteful standup bass solo by Ken Lister, “Reflections” evokes a sense of loneliness and introspection.
An inspiring, melodic piano-led solo piece that brings a sense of inspiring magic to the proceedings. Evoking a sense of timeless wonder, “Quiet Path” will have you contemplating nature’s beauty and wide open spaces…
Take a nostalgic trip to France courtesy of your musical pilots Chris Gestrin and Chris Sigerson. Featuring chiller than chill electric pianos and a whimsical chromatic harmonica, “Nostalgic” immerses you in the ambience of Paris and that chance romance that just wasn’t meant to be…
This seasonal favorite features a solo lead by standup bassist Chris Nelson, via a beautiful bowed performance complimented by a sublime piano arrangement by Chris Sigerson. A beautiful soundtrack to compliment your cozy holiday festivities!
An incredible transformation of this public domain classic into a sublime jazz arrangement can be heard courtesy of two masters, acoustic bassist Chris Nelson and pianist Chris Sigerson. Featuring a bowed bass solo, “Valse” evokes a rainy evening on the streets somewhere in New York… circa 1960?
A super swinging 12 bar blues bass line by Ken Lister kicks off this peppy toe-tapper featuring a very tasty sax solo by the one the only Campbell Ryga. Also featuring solos by Chris Sigerson and Ken Lister, “Smooth Move” lives up to its name by delivering the smoothest vibes this side of the Hudson River…
A beautiful solo sax kicks off a timeless melody, creating a sense of forever in this beautiful composition also featuring Ken Lister on stand up bass and a transcendent piano solo by the one and only Chris Sigerson. A super mellow late night jam to kick up your feet to at the end of a long night…
A graceful electric piano intro leads us into a sublime soundscape of solitary sounding ambience. Featuring a variety of beautifully arranged keyboards to round out and fill in the sonic architecture, “Autumn Wind” is a melodic trancelike masterpiece.
A sublimely delicate ballad featuring the talents of Benjamin Sigerson, “For You Who Owns the Moon” strikes a pitch-perfect balance between old school torch song and rich spacious ambient piano performance, embodying the sentiment of loneliness and longing. An exquisitely written and performed piece that is both timeless and contemporary.
A delightfully cheerful and upbeat piano traditional rendition of the holiday classic, performed by the master arranger Chris Sigerson. Inspiring and upbeat, Chris’ version of “I Saw Three Ships” is decidedly optimistic!
A beautiful take on the holiday classic, Chris Sigerson and Chris Nelson’s arrangement of “O Tannenbaum” starts out in a traditional vein but then transitions into the very tastiest jazz arrangement you’re likely to hear anywhere. Evoking Vince Guaraldi’s work on the Peanuts Christmas specials, “Tannenbaum” features a transcendent bass solo and incredible piano solo work. A nostalgic trip back to our childhoods that bring on the warm and fuzzies.
A solo electric piano leads us in to a tasty two step groove, featuring deftly executed, super vibey piano leads by the one and only Chris Sigerson. “The Softest of Eyes” is a mid-tempo ensemble piece that features Ken Lister, Craig Scott and Benjamin Sigerson, with plenty of sublime organ soloing courtesy of the great Chris Gestrin. “The Softest Of Eyes” is an ‘old school jazz’ instant classic.
Like a subtle serenade to lovers, “Recollection” has that late night city vibe in spades. Featuring a sublime piano performance by the one and only Chris Sigerson, acoustic bass by the incredible Ken Lister and the masterful Campbell Ryga on sax to round it all out and set your evening off in the right direction.
A sublime melodic musical offering that evokes 70s era television show theme songs. Highlighting mellotrons, Fender Rhodes and unique, yet familiar sounding organs “Evening Air” takes you on a mellow, ambient sounding night drive into the city’s underbelly… all set to a tasty little percussive backbeat.
A tasty mellow lead organ takes us on a trip to chills-ville, complimented by a beautiful piano ad lib solo, “The One For Me” delivers the soundtrack to your super mellow nightcap in that New York City loft… just you and that special someone.
A dynamic little bossa-nova beat takes us on a visceral journey to another place and time. Chris Sigerson and Chris Gestrin lead with electric piano and harmonica respectively… is it Paris by night… 1964? You decide!
A tasty bossa-nova cruise into the evening air courtesy of the dream team ensemble of Chris Sigerson, Chris Gestrin, Ken Lister, Craig Scott and Benjamin Sigerson. Evoking another place and time, “Moonlight Memories” delivers sublime chemistry and grooviness to spare. A deeply vibey live performance by the very best players in jazz.
A tender rendition of the classic public domain composition features a bowed bass solo by Chris Nelson with a beautiful acoustic piano accompaniment by Chris Sigerson. Evoking a warm and cozy by the fireplace vibe, “Silent Night” delivers sentimental holiday memories in spades.
Chris Sigerson’s take on the public domain classic, “Abide With Me” takes you to church… in the jazziest way possible. Accompanied by a dream team ensemble of Chris Gestrin, Craig Scott and Ken Lister, “Abide” bridges the gap between traditional Christian hymn and a more contemporary jazz performance and arrangement.
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