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Thorvald Records, Inc.
 - 2023
Extreme Sports
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A thoroughly grungey throwback to when the denizens of grunge tore apart the airwaves at MTV with their walls of sludge, chunky basses, super over...
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17 Tracks 
(Duration: 31 minutes 58 seconds)
A heavy rocker with time changes to spare! (yes they did that back then) Powerful drumming, super fuzz bass and a blistering wall of sludge-y guitars makes “Razor Wire” appropriate for any 90’s dive bar, after hours warehouse party, or eventual major label mega tour. A qualified head banger!
Channeling the bleak cloud covered vibes of Seattle, "Sno Home Ish" delivers the goods! When your main goal as a band is to not get your gear rained on, things get simple- deliver the GRUNGE! Featuring fat sounding analog picked bass, splashy hard-hitting drums, and sludge-y guitars served up WET...with attitude!
A powerful, straight up four on the floor banger with attitude to spare! Featuring chorused out Fender Jaguars, picked SVT bass, creamy sludge-y metal-esque guitars and a classic grunge sound, “Fur Burger” does not disappoint. Boasting an incredibly kickass drum sound!
A super sludge-y signature Seattle sounding track drenched in bad attitude! Thrashing drums, pulsing Fender precision bass and messy, huge electric guitars make “A Hundred Miles To Tacoma” a grunge rock standout!
If you were to run the gauntlet of the Seattle grunge sound, you will not get closer than “Suicide Weather” in your quest for authenticity! Featuring aggressive chorused-out electric guitars overdriven to the max, throbbing SVT bass-lines and intensely committed and energetic drum bashing, who can ask for more... mosh pit anyone!?!
Dirge-y, grimey and waterlogged, “The Hunger” does not disappoint! Super overdriven Mosrite guitars, pulsing Fender bass and a hard hitting live drum performance take this track to the next level of grunge commitment! Anti-depressants are available upon request or this fist pumping anthem.
Coming in hot with a super infectious riff for the ages, "Organ Grinder" delivers the goods! Featuring shredding razor sharp guitar tones, a powerhouse drum performance, an insanely throbbing bass track and an extra-large helping of grunge sensibility, look no further in your quest for mid 80's to late 90's satisfaction! "OG" is is your throwback ace in the hole!
Uptempo, energetic and featuring super solid bass-lines, razor sharp overdriven and chorused out Fender Stratocasters and a powerhouse drum performance for the ages, “Hate Machine” delivers the highest octane form of grunge possible! When you need to take things to the breaking point… welcome to your premature hearing loss! Recommended listening level: LOUD AF.
A fuzzy, riff-tastic super hi-octane bass leads the charge on "Urinary Insurrection" and delivers a grunge-metal offering too intense to miss! This banger does what every great banger should do... MAKE YOU BANG ER! Featuring messy alt rock/metal guitars and a super hot killer live drum performance, this track will have you banging your head... clean off!!
90's LA alt-rock and grunge does not get better than this! Featuring big electric guitar hooks, throbbing bass, scorching guitar leads and a live drum performance that kicks some serious ass, “Lover Not A Fighter” does exactly what you'd expect any self respecting grunge track to do… kick your f**king grunge-y ASS!
A signature grunge-y guitar riff to bang your head to and featuring a super-fuzz bass and kickass live drums to spare, “Fuzzkill” leads you straight into that mosh pit of no return... and leaves you stranded! Potent enough to coax out even the most skeptical scene-ster to that underground gig at the edge of town...
A wall of sludge-tastic guitars, slamming bass and a relentless drum performance will blast your skull into the “Muddy Waters Of The Yakima.” A serious dirge-y head pounder, this epic track will grungil-y bend your brain into a new shape and twist it into a pretzel- deafening you in the process... but in a good way!
A blistering guitar attack, furious bass track and super thrashy drum performance will quite literally “Break You!” Featuring a nuclear meltdown level live performance that will get all your grunging needs met, this track will get you moshing like a madman! Featuring a mellow middle 8 that builds into intensity like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes!
This grunge-y guitar riff takes things straight into the suicide weather realm- so much so that you can almost hear the raindrops and dreary cloud cover overhead! Ironically upbeat, raw and chock full of energetic drumming, "Shoo Goo's" gooey distorted mess evokes a live performance to be reckoned with!
Take a trip upriver on the “Flavor Train” which promises to be a sludge-y, wet journey into Seattle’s hottest scene! Featuring huge super fuzz bass, live drums, chorused out electric guitars and plenty of attitude. Chock full o’ riffs and hooks, the Flavor Train will get you to your destination!
A decidedly lo-fi affair, “Roundworm” will have you wondering exactly how many beers that drummer's had. Powered by ill advised drugs and fueled by sweat, this track is like an ocean of trashy sounding Fender guitars, out of tune basses, sloppy drums and a strange spy riff to round it all off... enjoy!
It doesn’t get darker... and DANKER than this riff-heavy dirge that evokes the Seattle sound with great fury! Featuring drop D tuned, maxed-out, overdriven guitars, throbby bass, feedback and a dominating live drum performance, “Green Slime” lives up to its name. The aural equivalent of black mold!
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